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How to Maintain Your Garage Door 

Most properties these days have a garage included, and homeowners use this space for a variety of different applications. Some use the garage to store their vehicle, some use it as a hobby space, and some use it for storage. However you use the space, it is essential to keep the garage door in top condition, as this keeps the garage secure.

The best way to keep the garage door in top condition is to keep it well-maintained, and this can be done a variety of ways. There are some maintenance jobs that you can do yourself at home, such as testing the moving parts of the garage door and keeping these parts lubricated.

To test the moving parts of your garage door and ensure the door is balanced, you just need to open it about half way – the garage door should balance with the help of the counterweight system. If you have an automatic door, you will first need to disconnect the opener and open the door manually.

If the door doesn’t balance, there is an issue with the garage door that will need to be fixed. As you are opening the door, feel and listen for any friction in the moving parts that could also indicate an issue.

You can also lubricate the moving parts of your garage door to keep them working smoothly. These parts can become stiff over time, through repeated use and adverse weather. Lubricating them every few months will help the garage door open and close smoothly.

In addition to the above maintenance that you can do at home, it is always recommended that you invest in a professional maintenance service, such as from us at The Garage Door Repair Company. We can regularly inspect your garage doors, identifying any potential issues, and rectifying them before they become major problems. This will keep your garage doors in great condition and save you money on repair costs.

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