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I am looking for a garage door repair company; how do I find a reputable one?

When considering multiple garage door companies, get multiple bids. We offer no-obligation quotes, so you’re free to shop around to find the right deal. Check what the company offers, such as 24-hour callout. Look at how long they’ve been in business and what warranty they offer. Find out whether they use subcontractors or their own employees and whether the technicians wear company uniforms or drive marked vehicles.

Remember that the cheapest option is not always the best. Check critical information – almost all reliable companies will have a physical address, website, and a stellar online reputation. Ask friends for recommendations, check official ratings, and be wary of red flags. These include excessive advertising, multiple company names, pressure sales, and bizarre (unprofessional behaviour).

I've never had to repair a garage door before; where do I start?

If you’ve never had to repair a garage door before, we recommend that you do not attempt the work yourself if you don’t possess the necessary technical skills. Doing so could risk further damage, even rendering the door permanently unusable.

The first thing to do is pick up the phone and call our team. Our highly trained and fully qualified team members will work closely with you to ensure that your garage door is left in the best possible condition. Get in touch now to request a site visit and a FREE, no-obligation quote.

I have a broken garage door; can I repair it myself?

Oftentimes, tackling garage door repairs yourself is simply not worth the risk. Garage doors are large, heavy, and very cumbersome, making them difficult to handle without the right equipment and tools. There are countless components working in tandem which serve to maintain the balance and functionality of the door.

Any one of these components breaking could spell trouble and be tricky to track down if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Repairing garage doors can also be very dangerous when it comes to broken springs. Plus, if the door has come off its track or become misaligned, it could fall on you, causing serious injury and/ or damage to the door.

In short, it’s best to leave garage door repair to a trained technician.

I have a problem with my garage door; can you help?

Absolutely! The team here at The Garage Door Company is backed by over 30 years of experience. We offer a range of services, chief among them is garage door repairs. Regardless of the issue you’re faced with, we possess the knowledge, skills, tools, and equipment to have your garage door restored in no time.

We’re available 24/7 and fully accredited, and our technicians drive marked vans, wear company uniforms, and carry ID. We offer clear and upfront pricing and a one-hour response time.

I have a garage door that is not working properly; what are some questions I should ask a repairman?

When hiring a garage door repair company, here are just a few questions you should ask the garage door repair technician:

  • Is the Company Insured?
  • How Much Experience Does the Company Have?
  • Does the Company Offer Aftercare Support and Advice?
  • Do They Provide a Written Warranty?
  • What is Included in the Service Agreement?
  • How Much Will They Charge for Services?
  • Can They Provide References from Satisfied Customers?
I would like to keep my garage door repair costs to a minimum. What actions would you recommend?

While we’re here for you if ever your garage door is damaged or malfunctions, it’s hardly ideal if your garage door needs constant repairs. To maintain your garage door in the best condition, ensure all moving parts are cleaned and sprayed with a silicon-based lubricant at least every 3-4 months.

Avoid greasing the running tracks; simply give them a clean, and don’t use oil on lock cylinders. You can lubricate these using graphite dust. Wash your garage door with a mild soap-based solution every few months. Do so more frequently in coastal areas, as salt deposits and bird droppings are corrosive to garage doors.

Where applicable, apply/ repeat finishes at intervals. Do so per the stain/ paint manufacturer’s guidelines. Avoid painting springs. And for best results and the longest life, we recommend taking out a servicing plan on your doors. Regular servicing keeps everything ticking over and can save you money on repeated repairs.

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